Practical Preaching Workshop October 18 through 21



This is David Olford inviting you to our Practical Preaching Workshop October 18 through 21 here Memphis with Olford Ministries International.

This is a great time for very focused, personal and practical training in expository preaching.

We want to be preachers who rightly divide the word of truth in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So get in touch with us, and join us for our practical preaching workshop October 18 through 21.

We really need to hear from you by October the 10th.

You can call us at 901-453-6422 or 9014 or 536444 or check out our website or to get information.

Blessings to you.

Take care.

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Upcoming Institutes

institutes in memphis Aug 13, 2021

Deadlines are approaching for registration to our upcoming Institutes:


'Evangelistic Preaching' (September 13-15)

'Biblical Leadership' (September 20-22)

Click here for details.

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International Institute for Biblical Preaching: August 31 - September 24

institutes in memphis Jun 23, 2021
Our International Institute for Biblical Preaching takes place August 31 - September 24, this year.
Limited scholarship funds are available for those who have a passion and platform to train others in faithful Biblical preaching.
The scholarship does not cover travel, and the recipient will need to have an appropriate visa, travel documents, and follow all the covid-19 related protocols to get to GMF's Stephen Olford Center in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
During these weeks at the Center,we will cover the main aspects of our teaching on expository preaching. Also,much time will be given to interaction and practical training.
Applications can be sent for this intensive training time. This is primarily for those
who are traveling from outside the USA, and are in a position to teach preachers. 
If you are interested, contact us before July 1. If you are in the USA, but are planning to return to your "homeland" for further ministry,...
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Biblical Preaching Institute — August 30-September 24, 2021

institutes in memphis May 10, 2021

August 30-September 24, 2021

A special program of intense instruction in “Biblical Preaching” is scheduled for August 30-September 24 later this year.

This program of the Institute for Biblical Preaching will be taking place at GMF’s Stephen Olford Center in Memphis, TN.

This will be a great opportunity for those who are wanting to be equipped for the expository preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

Some scholarship funds may be available for those who must travel long distances to be with us and who desire to “teach others also” after they leave.

This program will be a time of instruction, but also spiritual refreshment and renewal.

The program/brochure for 2021-2022 can be downloaded by tapping here if you want further general information.

If you are interested, please write directly to me, Dr. David Olford, at [email protected].

We need to hear from you soon.

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Our Winter Institutes begin in Memphis

institutes in memphis Jan 14, 2021

The dates for the winter Institutes are soon upon us.

The deadline for our “Strengthening Expository Preaching “ Institute (February 23-26) is February 9.

Also, ahead is our Practical Preaching Workshop (March 8-11). Contact us by February 9  as well.


You can register online: Or for further information, you can email us at [email protected], or [email protected]. Call us at 901-453-6422, or 901-453-6444.


Health and safety protocols will be in place. 

Blessings, we hope to hear from you.

David Olford   

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