Upcoming Institutes: July - November 2022

institutes in memphis Jun 10, 2022

Join us in person at Stephen Olford Center in Memphis for our Institutes for Biblical Preaching - Olford Ministries International

Opportunities for helpful instruction, meaningful fellowship, and mutual encouragement are available at the Stephen Olford Center during the second half of this year. Consult the dates below.

July 26-28 Evangelistic Institute

September 8-27 Internationals Institute 

September 12-15 Strengthening Institute

October 4-7 Essentials Institute 

October 18-21 Spiritual Growth Institute 

November 1-3 Practical Preaching Workshop 

Get further information on our website: www.olford.org and tap here to download the course brochure.
As God enables us, we provide a personal and practical training environment. For those transitioning into a preaching ministry, or a new season of ministry, our program will present essential principles and practices with an emphasis on both the spiritual life of the preacher and the practice of expository preaching. For those in the preaching or teaching ministry for many years, our events provide an opportunity for renewed focus, the sharpening of skills, and spiritual nourishment as well.
The Institute for Biblical Preaching began in 1980 and has continued providing resources and training events since then. There is now a flexible full program of six courses that can be taken at the individual’s speed.
Get in touch with us if you would like further information. Our 2021-2022 brochure is online, but we can send you a hard copy if you are in North America.
God’s Word must be proclaimed and taught. Salvation, sanctification, and service are all related to the Word of God. God has exalted His Word. We must do the same in our lives and in our ministries.
Dr. David Olford – [email protected]
or our office: [email protected]

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