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institutes in memphis Dec 03, 2021

Important Information about the Institute for Biblical Preaching Program - 2022


For a number of years, we have been offering a special intense International Institute of Biblical Preaching.

We are planning for this training time to take place September 8-27, 2022. This will mean people will arrive on September 7 and depart September 28, and there is a full program planned basically for every day.

We have a thorough application process for this event, and people need to email the following email address to get further information:

[email protected]


In our Institute program/brochure, dates in February are given for this International Institute.

We have had to switch these dates for various reasons. So, the International Institute will not be offered in February.


Having said that, we will be offering our regular variety of Institutes:

February 8-11   —  “Essentials of Expository Preaching and Teaching

February 22-25   —   “Strengthening Expository Preaching”

March 1-4  —  “Practical Preaching Workshop”

May 3-6   —   “Essentials of Biblical Leadership”

July 26-28  —  “Essentials of Evangelistic Preaching”


Registration for these events can be done through the websites:

https://www.olford.org/institutes, or www.stephenolford.org.

For further information call 901-453-6422.


We are planning other Institute events also, and information about these will be coming.


“Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2)

David Olford




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