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Essentials of Evangelistic Preaching & Teaching

September 13-15, 2021

The purpose of this institute is to ignite evangelistic zeal and to equip participants to faithfully proclaim the Gospel.

Special attention is given to the content of the Gospel message, the preparation of evangelistic messages, and to the essentials of evangelistic proclamation and invitation.

Guidelines for follow-up work, discipleship training, and biblical church growth round out the course.

Registration closes August 27, 2021.


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Essentials of Biblical Leadership Institute

Essentials of Biblical Leadership Institute 

September 20-22, 2021

This course, designed for church leaders, parachurch leaders, and denominational leaders, will:

  1. Grow you in your biblical understanding of incarnational leadership in ministry and the Church,
  2. Enhance your God-given gifts to more effectively lead, mentor, and instruct the people of God,
  3. Teach you how to encourage those you lead in practical participation in the ministry of the Church.

Registration closes September 3, 2021.


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Practical Preaching and Teaching Workshop

Practical Preaching & Teaching Workshop

October 18-21, 2021.

This special and intensive workshop offers a small-group atmosphere designed to improve the preaching and/or teaching skills of the participant.

The participants will preach or teach God’s Word and receive constructive personal feedback and critique.

Each participant will submit a sermon/lesson manuscript besides actually preaching and/or teaching.

Helpful peer interaction is an important aspect of this workshop.

Registration closes October 1, 2021, and is limited to 7 participants.


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