Sermon outlines by Dr. Stephen Olford

You may not be familiar with this resource that can strengthen your life and ministry. "Find us Faithful: Leadership that Leaves a Legacy" is still available in our book store. 

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Here are this week's sermon outlines by Dr. Stephen Olford.



These sermon outlines (and the previously shared sermon outlines) may also be downloaded in PDF format by subscribers to the free Stephen Olford Collection on this website. 

The full expanded set of sermon outlines is available for purchase from the Dr. Stephen Olford Ministry Online Collection.

This unique set of sermonic material is designed to assist in the development of expository messages. Written by Dr. Stephen Olford, these 364 expanded sermon outlines are presented in 7 volumes (28 quarters) of over 3000 pages. A helpful index is included. These outlines are printed on loose-leaf, three-hole-punched pages and can be kept in a standard 8 ½...

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