Would this 7 year preaching planner help you?

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The sermon outlines by Dr. Stephen Olford (published bi-weekly on this blog) illustrate the depth and the breadth of Scripture. The outlines do this because they are on different texts and a variety of truths.

This leads me to share a planning tool with you.

A number of years ago I put together a simple form, a preaching plan. The form was made to make a point and a suggestion concerning the selection of texts for sermon preparation.

Let me explain it. 

The form lists every book of the Bible. Then there are seven columns (side-by-side), one column for each year for seven years. Then, the years are filled in, each year having 78 messages.  Over a seven-year period, preaching or teaching twice a week for thirty-nine weeks in the year, I suggest various amounts of sermons from every book in the Bible.

So, over a seven-year period, at least one sermon/lesson is presented from each of the 66 books of the Bible. One message is the least amount per book...

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