Unlock the Power of Preaching: Why How You Deliver God's Word Truly Matters


How do we (or does someone) preach today in an effective way? Some might question the need to ask this question in the first place.

The affirmation would be that God uses the preached Scriptures in the power of the Holy Spirit salvifically and sanctifyingly for His purpose and glory without the need for any analysis, adaptation or adjustments on the part of the preacher to any circumstance or audience: end of discussion!

Similar statements would affirm...

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Would this 7 year preaching planner help you?

Greetings friend,

The sermon outlines by Dr. Stephen Olford (published bi-weekly on this blog) illustrate the depth and the breadth of Scripture. The outlines do this because they are on different texts and a variety of truths.

This leads me to share a planning tool with you.

A number of years ago I put together a simple form, a preaching plan. The form was made to make a point and a suggestion concerning the selection of texts for sermon preparation.

Let me explain it. 

The form...

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