A Tax Collector Who Became A Benefactor — Changed Lives Series #1

References: Luke 19:1-10

We live in a very busy but lonely world. Everyone has experienced loneliness; that lost and longing feeling. There is only one answer to loneliness ultimately because there is but one person who can change the life and fill the voids and fulfill the longings - yes all longings. That Person is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the maker of the human heart and He is the healer of the human heart and He is the one who is seeking and desiring to save all lost hearts.

We come upon an individual who is lost, lonely and full of longings in our text today. It is characteristic of Luke that he alone tells the story of Zaccheus. It seems that he takes particular pleasure in relating incidents which bring out the character of Christ as the Friend of sinners. So we have here the fascinating human story of a tax gatherer whose life was dramatically changed by contact with and commitment to the Savior. No one, not even Zaccheus, would have believed that his life could be so changed in one day if you would have told him so. But that is just what the Savior can do - and does do - in a life that trusts Him.



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