Chapter Five – The True Grace of God Calls for Honorable Conduct - Submission According to God’s Will

A great story is told by Dr. Ted Rendall about a centipede with arthritis in all 100 legs (and I am paraphrasing). Due to the centipede’s painful problem, the centipede decides to consult with the wise owl. So, the centipede shares his painful situation with the wise owl. The wise owl responds to the inquiring centipede by saying, “Why don’t you learn to fly?!” At first, the centipede was overjoyed with the wise owl’s recommendation. Flying would take care of the problem. But then the centipede thought for a moment and asked a follow-up question, “Wise owl, how can I learn to fly?” To this question the wise owl answered, “I only deal with general policy, not the details.”

The Apostle Peter has presented the “general policy” in the verses we have just considered (1 Peter 2:11-12). But, unlike the “wise owl” in the story, he now proceeds to give some details as to how to apply general policy to the details of life. Some of the specific circumstances surrounding these Christians in the 60’s AD may seem very far removed from us. Actually, for many in our world, some of the circumstances are literally very similar. More importantly, there are abiding truths and principles presented by the Apostle (in the details) that relate to believers in similar and dissimilar contexts today. These truths and principles, when understood, are as relevant and challenging for us today and as needful as we seek to live in this troubled world.


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This is a consultation draft specifically for my subscribers. I am sharing with you chapter excerpts of a book I am preparing on 1 Peter. This fifth chapter excerpt has not been “finalized,” and some references may be missing. However, the content seeks to be true to the teaching of 1 Peter and to clarify the relevance of this dynamic epistle for today. 

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