Falling in Love with the Scriptures: Part One


This is a two-part presentation; the second part can be seen next week.

It is good for us, who preach and teach the Word of God, to reflect on the “treasure” that is ours in the Word of God.

More than that, we need to be reminded of the privilege of having God’s truth in a world of confusion, falsehood, and lies.

As I make reference to in the video, my grandfather was a faithful missionary in Angola (at that time
Portuguese West Africa). If you were to travel to a graveyard in Cardiff, Wales, you could see my
grandfather’s gravestone. On that gravestone are these words: “His Delight – The Law of the Lord”
(Psalm 1:2). This is a wonderful and appropriate tribute to this man (Frederick Ernest Samuel Olford)
who loved God and God’s Word.

When you think of it, God and His Word always go together. Because we love God, we love His Word.
Loving God’s Word is one way we demonstrate our love for God. So, it is good for us to reflect on the Glory, the wonder, and the nature of God’s Word. I hope the presentation in the video will be an
encouragement to you.

In HIM, Our Lord Jesus,
David O.


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