Find Us Faithful: Trust His Sovereignty and Sufficiency

Part Three: Encouragements to Embrace  

CHAPTER 13 Trust His Sovereignty and Sufficiency 

One of the popular metaphors for life these days is “the journey.” When people speak of being on a journey, the emphasis is often on the experiences and the process they are going through rather than their final destination.

The Christian journey certainly includes experience, process, development, and growth. But the final destination is clear and certain. Furthermore, the journey has been granted and appointed to Christians in this world, and the journey is to be completed with the help of the resources available in Christ. Most importantly, the journey is not traveled alone. The Lord is with us by His Spirit, working out His purpose on our journey for His glory.

In concluding this book, I want to affirm the sovereignty and indeed the sufficiency of our Lord for this journey of faithfulness. Our Lord is....

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