Find Us Faithful: The Legacy of a Personal Example


Part One: Legacies to Leave 

CHAPTER 1 The Legacy of a Personal Example 


There is an urgency about the matter of faithfulness. I am not just saying this to be dramatic or because I am now over fifty. Yes, I do realize that time is limited. More days are probably behind me than in front of me. But this isn’t about my sense of finitude. Nor am I speaking about the condition of things in our world today, even though this is a cause for deep—and I mean deep—concern. Rather, there is a more basic issue related to this matter of faithfulness that confronts all of us.

It is the giving of our attention to priority concerns and matters while we have the God-given time and opportunity to do so. We never know how much time we have in any given relationship, responsibility, ministry, or situation. And because of the awareness of the potential brevity of any season, we need to determine what really matters, what really counts, and what really must be done....

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