Find Us Faithful: Guarding the Heart

Part Two: Responsibilities to Fulfill 

CHAPTER 5 Guarding the Heart 

At the heart of the matter of faithfulness is the heart of God’s servant. And one of the primary ways the heart of God’s servant is revealed is by how the heart of God’s servant responds to God’s Word.

We need to take a serious look at this issue, since it is critical for Christian leaders and people of influence to have hearts “given” to the Lord.

One of the primary ways to assess the condition of our spiritual hearts is to allow our hearts to be inspected by the Word of God itself. In other words, we need to allow the Word of God to expose any sin or spiritual problem that needs to be addressed. Then we must respond to this exposure of any sin or wrong by “getting right” through confession, repentance, and a fresh commitment to heartfelt obedience and righteousness. This is a very important aspect of our walk with God and our regular devotional life.... 



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