An Update on Olford Ministries International and the Institute for Biblical Preaching

dr. david olford news Jan 29, 2024

Dear Friend of Olford Ministries International and the Institute for Biblical Preaching,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

Thank you for your continued interest in this ministry. 

On January 31st I am traveling back to Japan. I say, “back,” because we have had many ministry trips to Japan over the years. This trip involves visiting four different areas of Japan and preaching at conventions for the deepening of spiritual life. Lord willing, I will be returning again to Japan in October of this year for a Bible conference and a Biblical Preaching institute. Your prayers for this trip and all the ministry involved are deeply appreciated. There still is a great need for the gospel to go forth in Japan as only a small percentage of the Japanese are professing Christians. Also, believers need to be encouraged and strengthened to “make disciples.”

You may recall that on January 5th of this year, I traveled to Quito, Ecuador for a Biblical Preaching Institute (January 9-12). The institute that took place was the 4th institute that has been held in Quito. Pastor Hector Sisalema, who attended all of our Biblical Preaching Institutes in Memphis, is mentoring and instructing pastors in Ecuador. It is a privilege to come beside him as he leads this Institute program, providing our institute materials to encourage and equip faithful proclaimers of God’s truth. Over 180 pages of notes in Spanish were provided to the attendees.

There was a national emergency in Ecuador while I was there. We were far away geographically from the troubled area, but one of the pastors attending the institute was impacted personally. His son was held hostage by those involved in the uprising. We stopped our Institute program to pray fervently about the situation. We praised God when we received the news a few hours later of his son's release – unharmed.

Our next training event takes place here in Memphis, March 5-8. We will focus on “expository preaching and revival.” I encourage you to attend or to invite someone to come to this opportunity for spiritual encouragement as well as practical training.

Ellen and I will be involved in a preacher’s conference and Sunday ministry in San Antonio, March 22-24 at the Grace First Baptist Church. After a Bible Conference engagement in Jackson, TN. (April 12-13), I will be traveling to Lagos, Nigeria to teach a course and to be a part of a preaching conference at the West Africa Theological Seminary, April 15-26. Dr. Ted Rendall and I will be returning to Albemarle, N.C. for a “Strengthening Expository Preaching” Institute, May 7-10. We have had wonderful times at the Prospect Baptist Church there. We are returning for our third Institute.

We praise God for the opportunities He has provided and for His sustaining grace.

In Christ,

David L. Olford - President


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