The Mission of O.M.I.

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

The Olford Ministries International is an exciting project initiated by the Olford family in 1988  to preserve and extend the powerful preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Stephen F. Olford. 

It is important to clarify the distinctive calling and the commitments that drive what we do. For many years the primary activity of Olford Ministries International, Inc. has been to preach and teach the Word of God and to teach others to do likewise. 

The mission of O.M.I., Inc., especially since 1988, has been “to encourage and equip pastors and lay leaders in the art of expository preaching and exemplary living in the power of the Holy Spirit to the end that the church will be revived and the world will be reached with the saving Word of Christ.” This is still our mission today.

The slogan that has described O.M.I, Inc. is “Preaching the Word, Reaching the World.”

As a ministry, we see ourselves as having an important role in promoting the faithful interpretation and proclamation of the Word of God. To encourage and equip servants of the Lord to “rightly dividing the Word of truth in the power of the Holy Spirit” is our “instructional” objective in the light of our concern for revival and evangelism. Is this needed today? The short answer is “yes,” and this type of teaching and training is always needed. To “lift high” the gospel and the Word of God, to combat error, to correct imbalance, and to confront many sins and “lacks” that hinder dynamic Christian living, serving, witnessing and preaching there will always be the need to train and teach people in the Word of God and for the communication of Biblical truth.

The project equips, empowers, and entrusts faithful pastors and church leaders to conduct schools of expository preaching utilizing Dr. Olford’s teaching materials. We have prepared courses with select videos of Dr. Stephen Olford and his son, Dr. David Olford, that contain the key messages capturing the essence and heart of the training they have been doing for many years. The project scope is international focusing, especially on areas where pastoral training is limited and the Word is so desperately needed.




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