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Olford Ministries International

Est. 1976

What We Do

Preach the Word. Reach the World.

Our Mission is to extend and expand the preaching/teaching ministry of Dr. Stephen Olford and Dr. David Olford by equipping, empowering, and entrusting faithful pastors and church leaders to conduct institutes and schools of expository preaching in their own countries, making the training relevant and transferable within their own cultures.

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Olford Ministries International

Olford Ministries International was founded in 1976. The Institute for Biblical Preaching began operations in 1980. The Stephen Olford center for Biblical Preaching was dedicated in 1988.


A Brief History

How we got started

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Dr. Stephen Olford gave himself to developing resources and conducting courses (institutes) on the subject of expository preaching across America and around the world.

Eventually, Stephen saw a need to have a “permanent home” for this new itinerant ministry of training pastors and church leaders. So, in June of 1988, a beautiful 42-acre wooded estate in Memphis, TN, became the Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching.

Over the years Stephen and his son, Dr. David Olford, have trained thousands of pastors and church leaders from around the world! Much emphasis is given to the preparation of the message and the art of expository preaching. Perhaps of even greater importance, the need for the indwelling and anointing of the Holy Spirit to give people power for preaching is central to our courses!

Continuing the ministry

Since 2004, when Dr. Stephen Olford Olford went to be with the Lord, Olford Ministries International has continued to encourage and equip God’s servants to “rightly divide the Word of truth” in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. David Olford, Dr. Ted Rendall, and Dr. Stephen Olford (via video) provide the core content for the various training Institutes focused on expository preaching.

Besides the whole program of instruction available in Memphis at the Stephen Olford Center, ministry and teaching take place at various locations in the United States and internationally.

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We Believe

The Scriptures, the 66 books of the Holy Bible, are indeed God’s written inerrant special revelation to mankind. These books together are God’s special self-revelation to us; a revelation that is purposeful, powerful and profitable. These “words” lead to salvation, sanctification and service. These “words” reveal God’s glorious plan of redemption and provide everything we need to know in order to have a vital and eternal relationship with the One True God.

These “words” are to be read, believed, obeyed, taught and proclaimed. Indeed the preaching and teaching of the gospel and the Scriptures themselves are both necessary and critical aspects of the Great Commission and the outworking of God’s plan of building the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately we must preach the Word because we are commanded to do so, and because such preaching and teaching brings God glory. God’s glory is not only proclaimed in the activity of preaching but God is glorified through the results of preaching and teaching in people’s lives.

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This 22 minute video session is on “The Definition of Expository Preaching”


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